Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Writing Composition Made Easy

Pictures give writers ideas for their writing and provide a scaffold throughout the compositional and transcriptional stages.  
During the compositional stage, writers can discuss and unfreeze the picture scene to role play, get into the character, complete speech and thought bubbles and add to the narrative.

During the transcriptional stage, writers through discussions with the teacher will have sufficient generated vocabulary to help them put their ideas down on paper.
Success during the compositional and transcriptional stages, lead to quality writing from all abilities of learners. EAL writers find this method particularly helpful with the discussions and vocabulary generated and can access otherwise difficult concepts.
Here is the link to the flickr site I created to provide photographs that enable discussions on different subjects and characters:
 There are photographs of buildings, objects, people and scenes which have been carefully selected to enable open ended discussions between the teacher and the learner.

 Ideas on how to use the photographs in structured writing teaching steps can be viewed on the site:

Also take a look at other sections of the site; there are lots of other helpful guides and tips.

GO4IT (Go for it) and good luck.
 Fidelia Nimmons

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