Sunday, 8 November 2015

Towards Smarter marking

Here are more things we are doing to ensure effective use of teacher time.  I am amazed that not all schools are doing these already.  The resounding message is we must all be working smarter for maximum use of teacher time.

The days of long hours of marking till 11pm daily so OFSTED does not grade us  as 'Marking is ineffective.' should be dead and buried six feet under.

Here are two helpful blog links for more ideas on using teacher time more effectively:

Micheal Tidd: Why we've got marking wrong:

and Joe Kirby: Marking is a hornet:

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Towards an impeccable behaviour

Here is link to Tom Sherrington (headgurutecaher) blog on helping students achieve excellent learning behaviour: 

 I like the 4 simple rules below which will work with any set of children and in any phase or setting.

Teachers will issue C1 warnings and C2 final warnings in class.  The rules are very simple:
·         Respond promptly to the signal for attention
·         Follow instructions from teaching staff when given
·         Remain on task as directed
·         Listen when others are speaking

The visual warnings displayed clearly for students to see remind them to refocus on the task at hand. I have found these work for my class particularly with any argument about 'I did not get any warning, you just sent me out.’