Saturday, 23 November 2013

Key Stage 2 English Practice exercises: Diary of an Edo Princess Activity Pack

Key Stage 2 English Practice exercises: Diary of an Edo Princess Activity Pack uses text dependent questioning to scaffold students’ close reading of text so that they are able to:

·        Read like a detective and write like an investigative reporter.

The book provides reading comprehension and writing exercises that will motivate students to:

·        Use evidence from the text to support their reading comprehension questions responses.
·        Have a real purpose to write for a variety of audience.
·        Produce and publish their writing in a variety of formats including electronically.
·        Carry out full scale researches on a variety of topics   and improve their knowledge of popular primary and secondary topics like: World Trade and Commerce.

This book will help students grow in confidence as able writers as they progress through the activities, enabling them to be well prepared for secondary and college work and for the world of work.

Teachers will find the book an aid to teaching features and structures of all text genres and helpful when selecting samples of students writing for moderation exercises. Parents will find it a useful handbook to help them guide and support their children’s writing development.

This book is suitable for end of primary school and lower secondary use and is a companion to Diary of An Edo Princess.  

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Key Stage 2 history

National curriculum in England: framework document (September 2013). 

Key Stage 2: a non-European society that provides contrast with British history; Benin (West Africa) c.AD 900 – 1300

Kingdom of Benin Short Stories

Read these two beautiful books on Ancient Kingdom of Benin stories. Readers of every age will be able to empathize with the adorable and vulnerable characters who face every day challenges with very positive outlooks. Both are guaranteed to entertain you. 

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