Saturday, 30 March 2013

Reward certificates

Reward your pupils and students when they achieve a goal or target in any area; this will not only motivate the recipient, others will want to emulate the effort in order to be so rewarded themselves.  

Certificate of achievement motivates every student to keep on task.

 Here is a link to free various occasions reward certificate maker:

Good luck.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

National Science and Engineering Week activity packs

Download free packs of hands-on science and engineering activities and projects for use with your class, a group, a club or for use at home here.  

Produced by the British Science Association for the National Science & Engineering Week each year, the packs are available to download at any time during the year.

You need to register on the site before you can download packs but registration is very simple, only your email address is required.

Follow this link to view the full list and to down load a pack:

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Key Stage 2 SATS Spelling Test Practice

Written to support the new National Curriculum for English Key Stages 1 and 2; Key Stage 2 SATs: Spelling Test Practice Papers provides a weekly spelling test and words revision for children.  With the sole aim of aiding the teacher to identify class and individual grapheme teaching and learning needs, the words have been carefully selected from the primary spelling words list. Good spellings motivate children to read and write more extensively on a variety of subjects, this book will help children become better spellers.

Good spellers are good readers and good writers.

There are 720 sentences in the book for word classes’ work and 720 primary revision words to aid spelling patterns.

This spelling test book can be used by teachers for whole class, group or individual work. It is also suitable for Private and Home tutoring.