Tuesday, 23 June 2015

First Reader: Book 1

For ages 5+

With daily practice, this delightful book will get children reading fluently in two - six weeks.

Key features
  • Builds on letter sounds knowledge
  • Uses letter sound combination for word reading
  • Uses enjoyable repetitive phrases which children find easy to remember
  • Includes stories all children can relate to
  • Includes popular traditional tales
  • Includes comprehension questions on each story
  • All the stories are contained in one book
  • Can be used by anyone to teach a child to read
  • Provides real value for money


I used it with her over the Christmas holiday every day and she started to read well. Now all she wants to do is read books. Thank you for giving her the book. Mrs K.

My son finds reading very hard, he takes this book with him to bed every night and he is trying very hard with it. He reads the stories he knows well over and over again. This is improving his reading. Mrs A.

My cousin’s child used the book to learn to learn very quickly. All she does now is read and write all the time. Ms R

She loves the stories in the book; she says them off by heart. She likes to write the stories down from memory, this is making her writing better. Mr I

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