Thursday, 11 September 2014

New History Curriculum from September 2014

Here are books written from firsthand evidence to support the new history curriculum on a non- European society that provides contrasts with British history: Benin.

Teachers books
These books provide historical information needed to teach this aspect of primary history including Kingdom of Benin timeline, Religion, food and childhood.

Fiction books
These books provide a window to learn about Kingdom of Benin Childhood experiences.  The books can be used for guided reading, paired reading or 1:1 activities in class or simply enjoyed by children during independent reading or historical enquiries.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

English Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Vocabulary practice book 6: Essential revision and practice pack with answers Levels 3 – 5

This revision and practise book covers all areas that will be tested at the end of primary school in the English test in Grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary test at levels 3 - 5. This is the Standard Assessment Test or the SATs as popularly known. Some harder questions aimed at level 6 have been deliberately included in the book to give further practice to pupils who are able; taken all together, completion of the exercises will not only help pupils perform well in their SATs, they will prepare them well for their work at secondary school and beyond. Each section provides background information on different word classes in sentence construction; examples of correct usage in both speaking and writing composition are included as are a variety of consolidation exercises. Completing the exercises will ensure that pupils gain fluency in both oral and written communications and know what to do if misunderstanding should occur during private or school work. The revision notes and exercises will also help pupils’ reading fluency. This book is also suitable for those new to the English language or learning English as an additional language and for private and home tutoring. 

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