Thursday, 18 July 2013

Complete Mathematics Workbook: Essential revision and practise: Years 2 - 5 with answers

This book covers all aspects of the new national curriculum for mathematics (July 2013). Detailed step by step worked examples followed by ample exercises for students to practise skills shown make every area of mathematics easy to understand.   

Working through this book will support students well at school and prepare them for both internal school based tests and assessments as well as other crucial examinations and tests like the 11+ and other secondary school selection tests.  

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

English Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Writing practise book: Essential revision and practise: Levels 2 – 4

This book contains complete English revision for children at Key Stage 2 (years 3 to 5). Learners from upper key Stages who need to revisit some areas of English Language will find the detailed step by step explanations in each section a good scaffold for their current work.
Each chapter comprises:
1. A reading text 

2. Related reading comprehension questions  

3. Grammar work covering English word classes and detailed explanations of key terms  

4. Related exercises to afford learners opportunity to practise new knowledge and skills  

5. Spelling and dictionary work based on key learning objectives for the Key Stage  

6. Writing composition exercises which relate to the reading text: each writing activity is supported by questions and planning frame to ensure successful written piece for the chapter genre. 

Parents will find all they need in this book to teach and support their children at home. Children can work independently by themselves using answers at the back of the book to check their responses.  

Private Tutors will find the book an invaluable handbook for teaching learners from ages 7 to 12; and slower learners above this age group.

You can purchase this book from Amazon on this link: