Friday, 10 May 2013

Spelling fun

Good spellers are good readers and writers. Children enjoy spelling tests and when in the form of a competition against their peers, this takes it to a different level; the competitive edge encourages children to learn their words with rigour becoming effective spellers in the process.

Here is a link to how spelling tests can be turned into fun competitive experiences for children and your class. The format could be used for individuals, pairs, groups or whole class.

Spelling Champ:
·        Caters for all spelling abilities in the class.

·        Promotes good teamwork.

·        Builds confidence in the learner as an able speller; good spellers are good readers and writers.

·        Enables all learning styles – visual (see), auditory (hear) and kinaesthetic (write).

·        Makes testing spelling fun.

Give it a try.  

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