Sunday, 19 January 2014

Let’s Read, Write and Spell – Year 1

Let’s Read, Write and Spell – Year 1:  For readers aged 4 and 5 is a complete English Language programme for Year 1 which covers all areas of the New English National Curriculum for England (2014). It provides essential practice in:

·        Word reading,
·        Phonics and spelling
·        Grammar and Punctuation
·        Handwriting

The main aim of this book is use of phonics and spelling to help children focus on each part of a word and to secure their knowledge of how graphemes work in words. Working through this book will ensure that the learner is able to read most words in readiness for reading comprehension by Year 2.   

Reading and writing intervention teachers will find this book invaluable as will parents and other teachers. This book can used at home and school as a complete English programme.

110 pages
Price £9.99

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