Friday, 2 August 2013

Complete Mathematics Workbook: Essential revision and practise Years 1 -2: with answers

This is the third and last mathematics book for the primary phase.

The book is a complete practise and revision mathematics book which covers requirements of the new national curriculum framework for mathematics for years 1 – 2 released in July 2013. Extension activities from the Year 3 teaching and learning objectives are also included.

The book contains units for every area of mathematics corresponding to the Key Stage 1 mathematics curriculum including new areas like robot programming in geometry.

It is ideal for use in school or at home. Parents and private tutors will find this book an invaluable all in one handbook ideal for working with a single child or more children.

Used in phase sequence, all three books are guaranteed to improve children’s mathematics skills, preparing them well for the next stage of learning and help them achieve outstanding results in tests and other examinations.

The other two books are:

• Complete Mathematics Workbook: Essential Revision and practise Years 2 – 5

 • Key Stage 2 SATs: The Complete Mathematics Revision and Practice book: Levels 3 - 5 with Answers (Key Stage 2 SATs: Mathematics revision and practice
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