Saturday, 15 December 2012

Drugs in Sports Debate Kit evaluation report

Check out this evaluation report by the award winning team I’m a scientist Get me out of here!  on the science debate topic of ‘Drugs in Sports’. The debate kit was produced by Gallomanor and funded by The Physiological Society for teachers' use.

The team has produced four other debate kits which provide teachers with all the resources needed to run a debate session on set topic with their students. Through debating various topics, students develop their discussions skills particularly speaking and listening.

Find out more about I’m a Scientist Get me Out of here:

Download the debate topic kits here:

 Written for older classes, three of the kits can be used with Years 5 and 6 primary school classes with little adaptation:

1.    Drugs in Sports

2.   Are we too clean?

3.   Cannabis

The other two need some adaptation for the age group e.g. use simpler vocabulary:

1.    IVF

2.   Stem cells

You can find a list of science vocabulary for these year groups here:

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