Sunday, 2 September 2012

Using Social Media to enhance teaching and learning

This time last year, as a result of discussions, I made it a mission to integrate use of some social media like twitter and blogging into my curriculum and to complete an action research on the subject during the year. One of the strategies I used was informing and modelling to parents the use of paper blogging; sending out reading and writing activities in real time through my BlogSpot posts, in an effort to engage the students further. This proved a successful strategy with children using social media for educational purposes and their parents having access to set homework via twitter making sure these were completed.

My recent involvement in the online classroom 2.0 conference (20 -24th August), illuminated the passion colleagues worldwide have in using social media to enhance teaching and learning in their institutions;  I personally, gained many more skills and knowledge in the area which I intend to embed in my practice.

 I am now planning to introduce many more social media tools into my teaching. I am ecstatic about the idea of operating a fully integrated social media tools classroom henceforth and look forward to all the fun I will be having with my students.  

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